I want to introduce all parents and caregivers to a series of new videos I am creating centered around the health and well being of your child. I hope to release several news videos in the series over the next several months.
These short videos are designed to give more information to parents about head shape and neck issues their infants may experience. With each vignette, we have paired helpful Carolina Kinder Development infant development videos.


Plagiocephaly is when the head is asymmetrical and flattened on one side more than the other. Oftentimes the shape resembles a parallelogram with one side of the forehead pushed further out than the other and shifting in the jaw and ears. One eye may appear larger than the other.
Please enjoy this short 2 minute video about Understanding Plagiocephaly and send it to a friend.

Susan Klemm Slaughter, MS, OTR/L