Rolling and Crawling Science

Why do occupational and physical therapists care so passionately about “babies exploring their environment” via rolling and crawling? (more…)

30% of Babies Need a Cranial Band?

Klara230%. That’s our number. Of all the babies that come through our doors, 30% end up needing a cranial band. (more…)

Sharpening our Saw: Baby To Do’s to Learn to Sleep

Sharpening our Saw meaning we continually focus on learning so we can help babies as comfortably and effectively as possible. (more…)

Facts about Baby Helmets

There is an article in the NY Times which references research indicating that baby helmets do not help infants with plagiocephaly or  brachycephaly. To understand how that conclusion could have been reached, I read the original research in the BMJ. (more…)

Head Shape & Back Sleeping

With concern over your infant’s head shape, parents should continue to follow the Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for safe sleep. (more…)

Resource for Professionals Treating Plagiocephaly

Are you a therapist or orthotist looking for more hands on training about irregular head shapes in infants? (more…)

Understanding Plagiocephaly

I want to introduce all parents and caregivers to a series of new videos I am creating centered around the health and well being of your child. I hope to release several news videos in the series over the next several months. (more…)

My 2nd baby has a flat head too!

Hoping everyone had a Thanksgiving filled with Thanksgiving!  I was filled with gratitude to reconnect with two very special families on Wednesday. (more…)

Why is Torticollis so Common?

A word from Susan Slaughter, MS, OTR/L

What is Torticollis?


Feedings, Flat Heads & Other Care



From the weekly column in the Charlotte Observer by pediatrician Rhonda Patt, MD: (more…)