As soon as an issue is noted with turning in one direction or head shape, it is extremely helpful to have an evaluation and leave with a set of detailed instructions of what to do at home. Our pediatric and occupational therapists in Charlotte, NC do just that. Addressing these issues early greatly reduces the need for a cranial band or baby helment. Development of tummy time, rolling, crawling and walking are important milestones and we can help.

There are children who have gross and fine motor delays for a variety of reasons. We are well known for our work with infants and torticollis and head shape issues, we are also well-equipped to work with other physical therapy issues through the early years.

We help parents who may just need a little guidance on how to help their infant or child along, to those with more intensive needs related to prematurity, surgeries, cerebral palsy, or syndromes.

Speech production and language development are crucial for communication.

We also offer methods for engaging in tummy time, how to select toys, supporting rolling, crawling, and walking. We do not believe in “pushing development” but rather finding ways to engage your baby in their individual next “just right challenge” so their development is supported.

Other available services…