Our goal is to educate therapists and orthotists across the country who are like minded in philosophy and trained in techniques and approaches to treating baby flat head issues.  We mentor occupational and physical therapists and orthotists. We utilize an individualized approach for each child. There is no single treatment approach  but many to consider such as parent education, therapy (positioning, myofascial release, NDT, etc), and cranial banding.

We educate on the following:

  1. Learn how to provide prevention and treatment. You will understand the underlying neck issues, positioning, and daily routines which are influencing head shape and development. We help you with therapy techniques, starting baby classes in your area, and parent education resources such as videos and posters.
  2. Determine if a cranial band is required. Learn the intricacies of providing input on that decision and the factors involved starting with learning how to measure, photograph, and monitor progress while taking into account the multitude of factors which go into the decision.
  3. Assess cranial band providers. Understand cranial band providers in your community. Learn about the biomechanics involved in a cranial band and how to evaluate the various providers and products available in your area.
  4. Provide cranial bands. You will be able to provide cranial band treatment in your clinic. Learn how to incorporate cranial banding into your offering of services.


One on one consulting services are offered on an individual basis. In person, phone, skype, and email consultations are available.  Consultations are tailored to each therapist or orthotist’s current level of knowledge and individual goals for including this niche into their existing practice or starting a new practice.



We offer 1 to 5 day learning intensives in our Charlotte, North Carolina clinic. You can spend time one on one with our therapists and Susan. It is ideal to ‘see and experience‘ these methods as you introduce these services into your clinic.  Since we only treat this population you have the opportunity to observe multiple babies each hour and rapidly increase your skills. CLICK HERE for upcoming clinician classes.


LEARNING MATERIALSIt's Good for Baby Baby Poster

We have many resources to aid clinicians in their on-going education efforts. Please see our newly release baby education posters on the CKD shop page. Each poster is beautifully designed and will go well in any office or waiting room.

We are happy to help out of state therapists and orthotists secure reasonable, clean, and convenient accommodations.

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Devoted to infant development and prevention and treatment of torticollis, plagiocephaly and brachycephaly.

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