Klara3-150x150Cranial band is a term and can be used interchangeably with cranial orthotic or baby helmet. Cranial banding reshapes the skull and improves an abnormal head shape and jaw alignment from common conditions like plagiocephaly, brachycephaly and torticollis.

In the case of the CSO utilized here, it is a dynamic device (a device that applies a low energy load to constrain and correct abnormal growth) that has a single lateral opening on the side adjacent to the flattened occipital-parieto region and an opening on top for air flow. The CSO is very light in weight some as little as 4.6 ounces.



For a 4 to 6 month old, expect to see improvement within 5-10 days



Length of time worn depends on age and severity and growth

  • A 4 – 6 month old infant typically wears the cranial band/orthotic 6 – 12 weeks
  • A 6 – 10 month old infant typically wears the cranial band/orthotic 10-16 weeks
  • A 10 – 18 month old typically wears the cranial band 14-16 weeks



The infant is usually not aware that the cranial band is on their head and sleeps in it the first night.



We have an extensive portfolio of Before and After photos which depict the everyday results of the babies seen in our Charlotte, North Carolina clinic.

before & after cranial band

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