Recently, Carolina Kinder Development’s owner Susan Klemm, MS, OTR/L and Stacy Conder, PT were interviewed and quoted in an article appearing in Consumer Reports about the Snoo.

An Excerpt Here:

“Susan Klemm, an occupational therapist whose work focuses on infants’ head shape and developmental issues, and her colleague Stacy Conder, a physical therapist, own an infant and childhood physical and occupational therapy practice in Charlotte, North Carolina. Klemm and Conder say they’ve frequently discussed head shape and developmental delays with the SNOO with pediatricians and other pediatric therapists, who share similar concerns.

“They’ve written about how the Snoo can exacerbate head shape issues in infants already prone to them, and agree with Giannone and Hall, both of whom say that the Snoo can in some cases lead to developmental and physical delays in newborns. “When repositioning during sleep is impeded, rolling when awake can be delayed, which can lead to delayed crawling and, perhaps most important, exploration of the environment,” Klemm and Conder said. “Unfortunately we frequently see infants whose development and/or head shape are negatively affected by restrictive sleep positioners, including the Snoo.”

Read the full article here.

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