Klara230%. That’s our number. Of all the babies that come through our doors, 30% end up needing a cranial band.
That means 70% are helped with positioning; myofascial release; refinement of daily routines; kinisiotaping; and so on.

Very important to note that if we are seeing the baby early, like 4-8 weeks of age, that number plummets way down below 30%.

A cranial band is an awesome tool and we are experts in using it and have excellent correction. But it is not the only tool in our toolbox. We ruthlessly hone our skills as well as have developed preventative programs, both free and paid, so that parents have the information they need.

Please don’t feel bad or guilty if your baby needs a cranial band! Embrace it as the wonderful tool it is!

And, if you are noticing your baby has a preference to look in one direction or are seeing flattening in their head, give us a call. We are happy to do consultations long distance as well. 704-379-7773 or [email protected]