Tricare Insurance for Cranial Bands

Carolina Kinder Development wants to work with military families with Tricare Insurance for cranial bands. We want to offer  the best possible treatment for infants, we tailor our services in the following ways:

  1. To prevent or help flat head syndrome in a very young infant, we are giving away our Parent Education Video Series to military families  These are ideally watched prior to or within 2-12 weeks of birth. Put the video bundle in your cart and at checkout use this coupon code for free access.  This is only offered in zipcodes within 10 miles of  29150. Coupon code: Sumter
  2. When your baby needs a cranial band/helmet, we provide cranial band/helmet treatment where you will see improvement as quickly as possible.  Our care and our cranial band is of the highest quality and is fully custom made to the specifics of your baby’s head and other factors.
  3. While it is medically necessary, we understand that Tricare insurance for cranial bands is not currently covered. We keep the cost of treatment as low as possible while providing highly effective and individualized treatment for your baby.
  4. To help make travel to our office as easy as possible, we offer some Saturday and some late and early appointments during the week and give preference to military families that are  traveling.