Better Head Shape and Development Videos

These videos contain essential information that is rarely (if ever!) covered in child birth classes. They feature 4 babies and show helpful routines that will help your baby’s head shape and development!

Click here to PURCHASE ACCESS TO THE ENTIRE VIDEO SERIES. For maximum benefit to your baby, it is highly recommend that they all be watched, preferably prior to birth and before decisions regarding purchasing of equipment and toys are made.

Here is a free Introduction video describing the series. Additionally, the Tummy Time video below is available for free. The others are available for purchase HERE.

The most common comment we hear from parents is “I wish I had seen these before my baby was born!”

To get access to the videos, either Log In or Purchase the 15 Video Bundle.

(For extra help, watch this 2 minute How-To video.)

  1. It’s a Lifestyle
  2. Tummy Time (free!)
  3. Side Lying
  4. Rotisserizing Your Baby
  5. Feeding, Burping, Dressing and Development
  6. Positioning Baby for Sleep
  7. Swaddling
  8. Equipment and Containers
  9. Choosing the Right Toys
  10. The Ins and Outs of Car Seat Alignment
  11. Strategies to Decrease Car Seat Use
  12. Tips for Daycare
  13. Pets, Siblings or Caregivers
  14. Using Vision to Help Development
  15. Introducing Holding a Rattle
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It's a lifestyle video

Devoted to infant development and prevention and treatment of torticollis, plagiocephaly and brachycephaly.