Carolina Kinder Development is proud to partner with specialized organizations and physicians who specialize in head and neck issues such as plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, and torticollis, as well as prematurity and development.

  •  Ballert Orthopedics Cranial Remolding Helmet in Chicago, Illinois has been creating cranial bands since 1999. They are the exclusive provider for the University of Chicago Hospital system and Carolina Kinder Development. It is a big enough company to meet our demands and a small enough company to provide a design customized to our specifications with extremely high quality and excellent correction of headshape.

FDA APPROVED 510(K) K063133 06/12/2001 Regulation # 882.5970 Ballert Cranial Remolding Helmet is intended for use on infants from three to eighteen months of age with moderate to severe non-synostotic positional plagiocephaly, including infants with plagiocephalic, brachycephalic, and scaphocephalic shaped heads. The Ballert Cranial Remolding Helmet is intended to apply gentle pressure to prominent regions of the infant’s cranium, and to provide realignment for depressed cranial regions to improve cranial symmetry and/or shape.


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Devoted to infant development and prevention and treatment of torticollis, plagiocephaly and brachycephaly.